Our Purpose

To conduct educational programs whose purpose is to foster a community-wide effort to ensure high quality leadership to meet the present and future challenges that face the citizens of Huntington County. 

Such educational programs shall seek the active involvement of informed and dedicated citizens in order to:

  • Identify, motivate, and develop potential community leaders;
  • Expand the potential of participants through:  informational programs designed to broaden their knowledge of Huntington County and critical issues affecting the county and its communities; exposure to the existing leadership and civic organizations; in-depth exchanges on relevant issues;
  • Improve communication among community leaders;
  • Provide a channel to become involved in challenges facing the community through participation in various organizations and/or projects;
  • Develop leadership skills;
  • Foster a commitment to a life of community service.

Our Vision

To be a resource for development of future community leaders through programs that provide for leadership skills, information about Huntington County, and involvement in the community. HCL will measure their success by being:

  • A resource used by the community
  • Financially stable/independent
  • A program with multiple class offerings
  • A successful leadership model for other communities
  • A program employing a part time coordinator/facilitator
  • A program with an ongoing assessment process
  • A program with a strong alumni association
  • A program with geographically diverse participation
Board of Directors